Mekdrive 3 Compactus®

An ultralight cost-efficient mechanical filing and storage system

Product Description

Dexion’s Mekdrive 3 Compactus revolutionises filing and storage systems with advanced technology and design. The Mekdrive 3 Compactus® now has up to 78% more storage capacity with increased width from 2700mm to 4800mm. Enhancements include a modern and unique stylised hand-wheel with integrated spinner handle, providing safer and easier operation. The Mekdrive 3 Compactus® is the lightest mechanically assisted mobile storage system available. It has been designed to keep floor loads to a minimum, a major consideration in commercial office buildings. The Mekdrive 3 Compactus® has an increased system width of four shelving bays, which could previously only be achieved with fixed-track systems.


  • The Mekdrive 3 Compactus® delivers a market leading system width, which redefines non fixed-track Compactus® capability. It does not require fixing into the floor, eliminating any permanent damage and allowing for cost effective relocation and reconfiguration of the system.
  • Available in up to four shelving bays in widths with a maximum widths of 4800mm, offering a total block load capacity (limit) of 6,000kg, over five tracks.
  • The Mekdrive 3 has an optional longer pivoting ramp allowing the tracks to be levelled to a height of 100mm, catering for wider system widths and can be installed over varying floor contours.
  • The clip-on track ramps further reduce trip hazards increasing safety and allows for the movement of trolleys and wheelchairs between the shelving bays.
  • There are a variety of locking options available providing additional security to stored documents.
  • The Mekdrive3 track chain has a zinc plated finish providing a low maintenance solution with easy tensioning that requires no lubrication, keeping a clean look.
  • The low profile track design, effectively lowers the overall height of the system to keep all storage levels within easy reach.
  • The Mekdrive 3 Compactus® has multiple track configurations for better distribution of floor loads. The unique track anti-tilt mechanism secures all shelving, further enhancing operator safety. It has a narrower track at 105mm, which offers less protrusion outside the shelving width.
  • The Mekdrive 3 hand-wheel can be retro-fitted to Mekdrive 1 and 2 systems with a simple modification.
  • GECA Certified

Drive type

Mechanically assisted

Shelving and accessory system

Ultima CI-80

Maximum system width

*Subject to a maximum of 5 tracks in width (4 shelving bays) and maximum movable block load.

Shelving width (bay width)

750mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm

Shelving depth

250mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm

Shelving height

1875mm, 2175mm, 2400mm

Overall system height

1940mm, 2240mm, 2465mm

Maximum bay carrying capacity*

700kg * Uniformly distributed load. Shelf, beam and bay capacities vary, contact your representative for specific maximum loads based on your configuration.

Maximum movable block load*

6,000kg * Uniformly distributed load. Shelf, beam and bay capacities vary, contact your representative for specific maximum loads based on your configuration.


Tracks and/or aisle lock

Standard colour

White Satin (Shelves)
Anodized Aluminimum (Track and carriage)


GECA Level B Certification

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